Today I started learning CFEngine 3

13 June 2013 — 1 Comment

Me and two colleagues went to Amsterdam today, for a 1-day CFEngine-3 training. I’ve worked with configuration management before (Puppet), and my goal is to explore alternatives to be able to pick the right tool. Today’s quick overview training was a nice opportunity to get into CFEngine and meet some people behind the scenes.

Impression of CFEngine training

Impression of CFEngine training


Diego Zamboni, author of the book Learning CFEngine 3, taught us what the concepts behind CFEngine are, how the language is build and how to get started. He demo’ed a lot of things and answered all of our questions. It was a very informative training that really inspired me.

What surprised me most, was that CFEngine is actually a pretty nice monitoring tool! A smart one, because it is either able to fix things, or is able to report it. All in all, I’ve to say I’m really impressed by CFEngine 3.5. We have now inspiration to create a good plan and then start working on implementing it. Looking forward to it!

Thanks Diego and Carsten for this training and the nice drinks we had afterwards 🙂

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