Next step on the certification road: I am now LPIC-3 core certified!

12 June 2013 — 2 Comments

LPICLevel3_logoToday I passed the senior level LPIC-301 core exam. I am now LPIC-3 certified!

The exam objectives are OpenLDAP and Capacity planning. Both of which I used in past projects, so I was already pretty familiar with them. In my current job I came across AD integration and Kerberos, and those were objectives as well.

In the past weeks I went through every detail of the objectives and learned some new stuff. My score on the exam was 690/800.

I’ve mainly used the IBM Developer Works LPIC-3 website, OpenLDAP manual and the LPIC-3 page hosted at As always, the man pages of the Linux commands are very useful.

After studying the materials, it’s just practice, practice, practice. I’ve setup an environment in which I could test and play with the tools and that worked really well for me.

The Security LPIC-3 specialty exam is the next one on my wish-list. I’ve already started to study it because I’m really interested in these topics.

Later this year I’ll be doing the RedHat RHCSA and RHCE exams. I’ve booked them on the same day, so that’s probably getting a bit touch 😉 But I’m looking forward to it and enjoy the steps on the certification road.

2 responses to Next step on the certification road: I am now LPIC-3 core certified!



    do you know some material/Book to prepare for Lpic 3 please ?



    could you please advise me about books / material to prepare for lpic 3 ?

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