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Watch my talk “Start using Configuration Management in 5 steps”, at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, Denver, Co, USA (April 9-11 2014).

Here are the slides from my presentation at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Denver:


Configuration management in an Enterprise Linux Team — How I automated myself out of my job

Thanks to the FOSDEM video team for this video! It nicely integrates the slides and me talking! It’s just a pity the sound from the camera was used instead of the mic I was wearing. Therefore you hear a lot of noises from the people outside the room, on the hallway (there were >100 people that did not fit in the room anymore!). But anyway, enjoy the recording 🙂

Here are the slides of the talk I just gave in the Configuration Management devroom at FOSDEM’14:


Arrived @Brussels for my FOSDEM talk tomorrow!