Some handy Git commands I often use

10 November 2012 — Leave a comment

Push a specific commit (actually: everything up and including this commit):

git push origin dc97ad23ab79a2538d1370733aec984fc0dd83e1:master

Push everything exept the last commit:

git push origin HEAD~:master

The same, now the last two commits:

git push origin HEAD~2:master

Reorder commits, aka rebasing:

git rebase -i origin

Pulling commits from repo to local

git pull --rebase

When a conflict occurs, solve it, then continue:

git rebase --continue

Put local changes apart (shash them)

git stash save stashname

Show all stashes

git stash list

Retrieve a shash

git stash stashname

When you have committed a change and want to revert it:

Make sure all work is committed or stashed!

git checkout 748796f8f2919de87f4b60b7abd7923adda4f835^ file.pp
git commit
git revert HEAD
git rebase -i
git commit --amend

– Checkout the file as it was before your change (line 1)
– commit it (line 2)
– Revert this commit (line 3)
– Using rebase merge (fixup) this commit with the previous commit that contained a change that you want to remove (line 4)
– Finally, rewrite the commit message and you’re done (line 5)

Git rocks!

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