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After the leap second insert last night, my CloudStack 3.0 servers (or its Java processes actually) started to use a lot of CPU. Here’s how to fix it (sets the date):

date ; date -s "`date -u`" ; date

Just run this on your management- or compute node. On my CloudStack system it only occurred on the management servers. Confirmed: it occurred both on management- and compute nodes on our CloudStack system. No restart required afterwards . The load will drop immediately.

Note: restarting cloud-management alone does not fix the issue. Rebooting the machine does, however, but I’d prefer not to reboot them 🙂

MySQL seems to be affected as well, though I didn’t experience problems with it.  Thanks to the guys @Mozilla for blogging about this problem and suggesting a fix.

I’ve also posted this to the CloudStack forums,so there might be some discussion as well.