Passed the SUSE Certified Linux Engineer practicum (CLE)!

22 February 2013 — 10 Comments

suse-logoA few weeks ago I attended a full week of SUSE training, which I really enjoyed. There were lots of highly skilled geeks and the course had a nice solid pace. By the end of the week I did the CLE practicum exam (to become a Certified Linux Engineer). Today I heard I passed! 🙂

I’ve been working with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server since I started my new job back in December and the training really helped me.

CLE training

Impression of the CLE training


Before I’m officially certified, there’s another step to take though. One needs to pass three exams: CLA, CLP and CLE. I’ve passed both CLA and CLE now, so I only need to pass the one in between. This happened because the course I attended was aimed towards RHCE certified professionals, which I am not (yet). So, either passing the CLP or RHCE practicum will bring in the CLE certification as well. Looking forward to continue the certification process!

PS: See this post for an overview of Linux certifications.

10 responses to Passed the SUSE Certified Linux Engineer practicum (CLE)!


    Sir, I am attempting for SUSE NCLP 11 certification. but I did not find any sort of guidance over how the exam will be or how to manage the exam. Please help me regarding the preparation and the model of exam to clear it successfully. Eagerly waiting for your advice. Thanks Lakshmisha India


    Hi Remi,

    Could you please explain how passing the RHCE would qualify you for the CLE? I wasn’t aware that Red Hat and Suse had any partnerships in this regard.



      A couple years back, if you had RHCE that was considered enough to enter the CLE training. You still had to pass this to get CLE. Not sure if this is still true today, as I don’t work with SuSE any more.


    How could I get CLE 11courseware(Self-study)?


    Congrats dude. on your certification. can you share the pdf book CLE study guide.


    Congratulations Remi!! So how did you go about attending training and and how much did it cost you?


    Congratulations Remi!! I’m new to linux and i’m in the progress studying for the first certification for Linux SUSE Enterprise Server 12. I world like to attend the training course, how, where, and how much was the week training?

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