Passed LPIC-2 today!

16 January 2013 — 4 Comments

lpic2-logo-mediumAbout 2 weeks ago I wrote in a previous post about LPIC, when I had just passed the LPIC-1 exams. In the mean time I studied the objectives, read some man-pages and experimented with the things I wasn’t 100% familier with.

And today I completed LPIC-2! 🙂 There were two exams required to pass. I scored 740/800 on the 201 exam, and 730/800 on the 202 exam.

Now I’m looking forward on taking some SUSE classes and exams in a couple of weeks!

4 responses to Passed LPIC-2 today!


    If you’re looking for documentation on LPIC-2, these online docs are pretty good to study from:


    You did pass too fast just after the LPIC-1 🙂


    Can you please give details and material of LPIC-1?

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