Enabling Zimbra auto responder for multiple e-mail addresses

16 August 2012 — 1 Comment

After all the hard work in the past months it’s now time for some weeks off 🙂 One last thing to solve was the Zimbra auto responder: I had enabled it through the web interface but while testing it, I found it only replied mails sent to my main e-mail address. There is no way to fix this in the web interface, so I had a look at the command line options and found a way to add extra e-mail addresses. Ssh to the machine, become user ‘zimbra’ and run this command: 

zmprov ma [email protected] +zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeDirectAddress [email protected]

By running this command you tell Zimbra to also reply to [email protected] instead of only [email protected]. By specifying a + before the command, you can run this command multiple times to add more e-mail addresses, if you have them. Otherwise you’ll overwrite the previous setting. I have added all 3 e-mail addresses I use, so they’ll get auto responses while I’m out of the office. Hope this is helpful to others as well.

One response to Enabling Zimbra auto responder for multiple e-mail addresses


    You picked a great way to do this, however depending on the version of Zimbra you’re using, you should be able to add additional forwarding addresses by using a comma ( , ) as a separator.

    We’ve got a funky process that will not allow us to use a D-List, the primary shared address has to be a user account with imap access (yes, I know there SHOULD be a better way, but I was not allowed to do it!)

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