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After many weeks of preparation we moved MD’s equipment from the EUNetworks datacenter in Amsterdam, to Gyrocenter DC-2. This is also our new datacenter where we’ve built a CloudStack cloud.

Most servers were virtualized before this migration and only had to be removed during this operation. Others will be virtualized in the coming months. Fortunately most services had only some downtime during the night.

We also moved MD’s backup location (Redbus) and integrated it with our equipment in Global Switch.

As you can see, our Team of 5 worked very hard. Enjoy this video impression!

After the leap second insert last night, my CloudStack 3.0 servers (or its Java processes actually) started to use a lot of CPU. Here’s how to fix it (sets the date):

date ; date -s "`date -u`" ; date

Just run this on your management- or compute node. On my CloudStack system it only occurred on the management servers. Confirmed: it occurred both on management- and compute nodes on our CloudStack system. No restart required afterwards . The load will drop immediately.

Note: restarting cloud-management alone does not fix the issue. Rebooting the machine does, however, but I’d prefer not to reboot them 🙂

MySQL seems to be affected as well, though I didn’t experience problems with it.  Thanks to the guys @Mozilla for blogging about this problem and suggesting a fix.

I’ve also posted this to the CloudStack forums,so there might be some discussion as well.