Meet our shiny new CloudStack Cloud

28 June 2012 — Leave a comment

This is what our Cloud looks like in the CloudStack Dashboard. Pretty powerful 🙂

These are the boxes the hardware was in.

This image is taken in our lab while testing CloudStack.

Very handy: a tray for spares in your rack!


This is the front: 6 compute nodes, 2 management servers and 2 Linux routers that manage all traffic. We also have 2 big storage servers that you cannot see on this image.

This is how the back of the rack in the data center looks like after we’ve built everything in.

Close up of power management and storage network.

And the final image shows the serial, public, and manage networks.

We’ve labelled and documented every cable and used a separate color for each connection type (i.e. mgt network, storage network, uplinks, cross links, serial connections, etc).

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