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Today I came across a nice post by Tod Werth, who created a nice theme for the OSX Terminal program called IR_Black.

All you have to do is download his schema and open in it Terminal. Then tweak the colors a bit to fully meet our needs.

Last step: enable colors in your profile:

vim ~/.bash_profile

Add this line:

export CLICOLOR=1;

When you open a  new window and enter a simple ‘ls’ command, it looks like this:

So that is pretty cool 🙂 Thanks Todd!

I found that using these setting brought some trouble when working in vim and nano. Changing the terminal from “xterm-256color” to “xterm-color” fixed that for me.

Adding a route manually can be necessary sometimes. When on Linux, I know the command by head:

sudo route add -net gw

On the Mac the command is similar, but a bit different 🙂 Just as a note to myself and anyone else interested:

sudo route -n add -net

This sets up a route to the net through gateway First one on Linux, second one on Mac OSX.

Home-key in OSX-Terminal

18 February 2012 — 5 Comments

I’m working in Terminal a lot. Lately I more and more use my MacBook Pro instead of my Ubuntu desktop. I’d to overcome some small issues. One was the missing Home-key, which allows you to jump all the way to the left on the current line.

Although the Mac doesn’t have a Home key, its function is available by pressing Fn+Shift+Left Arrow. And even better: Fn+Shift+Right Arrow jumps all the way to the right.

I feel right at home! 🙂

Alt-key in OSX-Terminal

30 January 2012 — 18 Comments

By default, the Alt-key doesn’t work in Mac OSX-Terminal. Today I found a simple solution for this problem:

Terminal > Preferences > Settings > Keyboard
Just check ‘Use option as meta key’ at the bottom and you’re good to go 🙂