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Watch my talk “Operating CloudStack – Sharing my Tool Box” that I presented at CloudStack Day Austin, on April 16th 2015.

The talk was originally written for ApacheCon North America and I presented it there a few days earlier. It was great to be able to do the talk again and reach an even bigger audience!

The slides can be found in this post, and the code can be found on Github.

At CloudStack Day I had a ~25 minute slot, instead of a 45 minute slot at ApacheCon, so it had to be a bit fast 😉

Here are the slides from my presentation at both ApacheCon and CloudStack Day in Austin, TX.

Get the code on Github.

Watch my talk “Start using Configuration Management in 5 steps”, at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, Denver, Co, USA (April 9-11 2014).

Here are the slides from my presentation at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Denver:


CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceAs you might have noticed, I switched jobs on Feb 1st and was quite busy after that. I joined Schuberg Philis, a Mission Critical Outsourcing company in The Netherlands. I met the folks on the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Amsterdam, back in November. I have a very cool job, as I work with a bunch of very skilled colleagues on our Mission Critical Cloud, that is powered by Apache CloudStack.

The last two months I spent quite some time working with CloudStack, debugging issues and most of all: building new capacity and migrating old so-called PODs to new ones. Recently, CloudStack 4.3 was released and I believe this is the best release ever. Feels “snappier”, has lots of fixes and new cool features. We upgraded our pre-production cloud (running ~600 VMs) and apart from one little issue everything went smooth. Impressed!

Next week, I’ll be in Denver, CO at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. I’ll do a talk and explain why you should use configuration management and will show you how to implement configuration management in your existing environment using 5 steps. This can be quite challenging, because when a lot of manual work is done, people are usually very busy. How do you find the time to implement configuration management?

Meet me in Denver on April 9-11!

Configuration management in an Enterprise Linux Team — How I automated myself out of my job

Thanks to the FOSDEM video team for this video! It nicely integrates the slides and me talking! It’s just a pity the sound from the camera was used instead of the mic I was wearing. Therefore you hear a lot of noises from the people outside the room, on the hallway (there were >100 people that did not fit in the room anymore!). But anyway, enjoy the recording 🙂

Here are the slides of the talk I just gave in the Configuration Management devroom at FOSDEM’14: